Colony Wholesale

Offering Hand Made Wholesale Wares from The Saltbox Peddler©


Here in the Pantry You'll find our Favorite Goods from the Kitchen! 

These Bottles have a piece of super dirty waxed Cheesecloth on each bottle, with an Old Looking Label made from hand dyed paper. The jar reads, "Pure Blackstrap Molasses" Addler Sorghum Mill, MASS and features a picture of an Old farm.  Each bottle has a "Make-do" bottle stop- made from an old dried corn cob and is wrapped in dirty cheesecloth. Each Bottle holds 16 ounces and stands about 7" high.

$7.75 Each


Made from our special dough, these 6" Prairie Cakes are baked hard and everlasting!  Cakes are dusted with spices and come wrapped in grungy cheesecloth tied with string.

$5.25 Each

Cinni Mini's © Fixins


Each Cinni Mini is hand made from our special dough. 

 Baked up hard and sealed in a highly scented Cinnamon

wax, these quarter size cinni's will last for years!

$7.50 / 50 count

$25.00 / 250 Count


These are simply scrumptous!  Our Life-like Pecan Rolls are hand rolled with our own special dough and topped with "Pecans".  Wax dipped in "Cinnabuns" scented wax- these will last for years and years!  Each Bun measures about 4".

$2.50 Each



These 26 ounce buttery jars are dirty and grungy~aged with

spices for a good Old~N~Early Look!  Jars are topped off with

a piece of dyed cheesecloth and tied with string.  Jars come

with a custom label of your choice~ Drieds, Roots, Buttery, Pantry,

Spices, 1860~or your choice!

These make great store displays too~customize with your store name! 


$6.25 Per Jar


The Lil Make do pot scrubbies are fashioned from old wisk broom pieces and secured with aged, eaxed grungy osnaburg.  Each measures between 4"-5".  Scrubbies had a loop to hang.

$5.75 Each