Colony Wholesale

Offering Hand Made Wholesale Wares from The Saltbox Peddler©

Our Drieds are Hand selected to give you best possible selections!













Dried the old way, these sweet potato chunks have

a sweet earthy smell!

$3.50 Per Cup

1 Gallon~ $40.00 (approx 16 Cups














Blueberry Garland

These dried Blueberry Garlands are hand strung and

scented in *Vermont Mornings* a sweet early scent with

notes of Blueberry pancakes, Maple syrup and a touch

of Hearth!  A best seller! 

4 Ft Strand - $9.00 Each










These rosehip garlands are hand strung and can be left

unscented, or scented to your choice!

4 Ft. Strand - $8.00 Each













These Roots are dried the old way- strung into 4 foot strands. 

Roots have a natural smoke scent.

4 Ft. Strand- $12.00


This blend of Rose hips and Cinni- stix will come scented
to your liking, and packaged in a cello bag.
A classic Prim fixin! 
(See scent Page for list)
$3.25 / 2 cups